New Catholic Internet radio site

New Catholic Internet radio site

There’s a new Catholic news source online, but it’s different from Catholic World News and Zenit, because it’s Internet radio.

Catholic Radio International is starting out with three programs. The two daily programs are “The Heart of the Matter”, which apparently goes in depth on a particular news issue each day; and “Thread of Grace with Sally Robb”, which is devoted to examining how God’s grace works in our lives.

The third program is called “UltraSound” and it “will chronicle the lives of those who fight the good fight for life and live to tell about it.”

It’s worth checking out, although I hope they turn them into podcasts and/or provide RSS feeds of news shows because if they’re relying on people like me to remember to come back to their site to look for new episodes every day, they’re not going to get a big audience.

Everything is about “push” these days; you have to push your content to the user.

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  • Thanks for the endorsement, Dom. We’re working on a number of things and we should have the podcasting and RSS feed capabilities up very soon.

    In the meantime, I’d encourage your readers to listen to the first episode of UltraSound. This is, I believe, a very different sort of Catholic radio.