New Bettnet feature! Tolkien trivia question of the day

New Bettnet feature! Tolkien trivia question of the day

Melanie and I have been going through our library looking for books to put up on Bookmooch (See previous entry here) and I found an old book on the Tolkien shelf: “The Tolkien Quiz Book.” This book published in 1979 contains 100 different trivia quizzes of 10 or 11 questions each. Some of them are easy and others are downright obscure and Melanie and I had some fun trying them out.

Then I thought I should share the fun with you all, so from now on (or until you or I get bored with it) we’ll have a Tolkien question of the day either about J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings or about the man himself.

Each day I’ll post a question and you can all post your answers in the comments. (No fair looking up in the books! That’s cheating!) Actually, when I deem the question to be fairly obscure, I’ll tell you whether to look it up or not. Finding the answer in the books may be challenge enough. Then the next day I’ll post the answer and give you the next question.

And if you don’t like it, nobody will offer an answer and this will die on the vine. smile

So to get us started, here’s our first question, an easy question: Who was the first hobbit to wear the Ring?

Come back for the answer tomorrow!


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