My soul proclaims the greatness of Obama

My soul proclaims the greatness of Obama


From the “Obamessiah” files comes yet another whopper from an Obama supporter, calmly passed along by the mainstream media. In this case, it’s our old friend, Rev. Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright comparing Barack Obama to the Virgin Mary, as reported by the New York Times. This is a change from the more usual comparisons of Obama to Jesus Christ.

“Lord told him, an ordinary black boy, ‘You can be a state senator and you can bring folk to the bargaining table who not only do not talk to one another, these folk don’t like one another.’

“He did what the Lord said,” Mr. Wright continued, “an ordinary black boy like Mary was an ordinary little girl.”

Of course, what Wright didn’t tell us is what Obama said in reply. We’ll call it the “Magnificent Cat”:

    Mass media proclaim the greatness of the Obama
    Your spirit rejoices in Barry, your savior
    For he has looked with earmarks upon his base.

    From Election Day, all demographics will call themselves blessed
    The BO Man has passed great entitlements for us
    And, Hey!, Hussein is NOT his name.

    He is the one we’ve been waiting for. He is the change that we seek.

    He has mercy on those who fear him
    In every Republican.

    He has shown the strength of his polling
    He has scattered the journalists in their fawning dispatches

    He has cast down the middle class from their suburbs
    And has given tingles to Chris Matthews.

    He has filled the power-hungry liberals with promises of change
    And the rich (Republicans) he has sent away with empty pockets.

    He has come to the help of his servant Pelosi
    For has remembered his promises of incumbency
    The promise he made to the lobbyists
    To Biden and his lobbyist son forever.

See the actual Magnificat of Mary of which this is a parody.

  • I believe we have to pray. 

    Harder than we’ve ever prayed before.

    Pray that GOD continues to Bless America.

    And pray that this false messiah is never able to rule over our Christian society.

    I am getting nervous about this election and about this candidate.

    Please Pray!