Musings on Vatican appointments

Musings on Vatican appointments

Let me be clear right up front. This is not a rumor. I have no special or inside knowledge. I’m just ruminating.

The other day, Pope Benedict appointed the secretary for the Congregation for Catholic Education, Archbishop Michael Miller, as coadjutor of the Vancouver archdiocese. That left the “second-man” spot for the congregation open and presumably when the Holy Father met with Cardinal Zenon Grochelewski, prefect of that congregation, on Thursday, the topic of a successor came up.

In recent history, the secretary’s position has been held by a member of a religious order who has experience in Catholic education. I got to thinking about potential candidates for the post, and I realized that Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, is available on the bench.

Now, I’ve heard it said more than once that if offered a bishop’s office, Fr. Fessio would refuse once, twice, and even three times. But consider that he is a longtime student of the Holy Father and has long experience in academia, going back to the founding of the Ignatius Institute at University of San Francisco.

It wouldn’t surprise me.

Again, I have heard no rumors. I’m just thinking in public.

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