Monologues at Notre Dame

Monologues at Notre Dame

Speaking of the V-Monologues, Project Sycamore at the University of Notre Dame has an online petition to the president, Fr. Jenkins, not to allow the play to be performed at ND this year. In a comment on the post below, a commenter writes:

Thanks to Dom’s blog, I learned of the Project Sycamore website back in September. Basically, it’s a group of alumni and friends who want to see ND’s real Catholic identity restored. I encourage you all to explore the site (keeping in mind the vulgar subject matter of these events). Two weeks ago, the project notified its email list that the VM will be performed again this spring. This fact has been confirmed but has been significantly downplayed. The average student may not yet know what is in the works. One cause for hope is Fr. Jenkins’s assertion last year that such events would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If the wrong decision was made last year, hopefully, the right decision can be made this year. Currently, the project is collecting signatures for a petition that will be sent to Fr. Jenkins urging him to stop the performance of the VM. I would encourage all of the readers here to sign it, even if you are not affiliated with ND. As others have done, you can put “Concerned Catholic” or some other note in the “Other” box.

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Domenico Bettinelli