Milingo admits Moonie support for schismatic group

Milingo admits Moonie support for schismatic group

“Excommunicated prelate admits “Moonie” support”

Excommunicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has admitted that he is receiving financial help from a Korean sect for his campaign against the celibacy requirement in the Roman Catholic Church.

At a weekend conference in New Jersey, organized by the group he calls Married Priests Now, the Zambian prelate distributed a statement acknowledging that the group is funded by the Unification Church, led by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The archbishop—who participated in a mass-marriage ceremony led by the Korean religious leader in 2001—said that Moon has now “dedicated his key organizations to give their utmost support in every way needed to Married Priests Now.”

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  • So the best thing that the married priest advocates can come up with is a renegade Archbishop who follows a man who claims to be the savior of humankind.

    And the expect anyone, other than the fawning media, to take them seriously?

    Milingo:  following false Messiahs is serious business.  Trying to corrupt the Catholic Church with the teachings of a false Messiah is more dangerous still.

    How come nobody is bothering to explain just what this Rev. Moon is all about?

  • In today’s CWN e-mail, Phil Lawler wrote:

    And does our top headline (about this Milingo story) indicate that bigger news could be coming tomorrow? It might; I just don’t know.

    Gotta wonder what he’s anticipating!