March for Life video

March for Life video

My friend Fr. Gabriel Gillen, OP, sends along a link to a video he made of yesterday’s March for Life in Washington, DC.

Follow the March for life (18 mins. 32 sec.) with the Dominican Friars, it was shot on the ground at the March from inside the moving crowd. It includes the personal testimony of many Dominican Friars, Sisters, CFR’s, Renewal Sisters, pastors, campus ministers, college students, and youth.

For example, hear from Br. Dominic Legge, OP about how the March affects people who work inside the Supreme Court.

Among other tidbits you’ll learn that the March for Life is the largest annual march or event in Washington, DC, and it is also the youngest on average. There are a whole lot of happy Dominicans in it, including a priest named Father Nicanor Pier Giorgio, who teaches a Providence College. With a name like that, you know I have to like them.

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  • I’ll add the Walk for Life in San Francisco this past Saturday was great too! Lot’s of familes and young people participated…

  • I went for the very first time this year.

    What REALLY blows my mind is that it is NOT EVEN ON THE NEWS anymore. If it really is the biggest rally in DC, why aren’t news sources reporting on it?

    I realize it happens every year. Heck, I didn’t even see the pro-death protesters out this year. However if this is THE BIGGEST rally in DC, isn’t that news? Esp in a democratic controlled house and senate with Nancy Pelosi at the helm???