Let’s hold the pro-life Catholics for Obama to account

Let’s hold the pro-life Catholics for Obama to account

One thing is for certain. All those “pro-life” Catholics who insisted that an Obama presidency would be better for the unborn and would reduce abortion are going to be held accountable if, as I am firmly convinced, that was a load of hogwash. In four years, it will be their responsibility to prove to the rest of us that their faith in Obama was not misplaced. We need to make ensure we don’t forget to hold them to it.


  • Hardly seems worth the effort of trying to remember who they are.  They are “pro-life” only in some sense I do not grasp.  They served their purpose by salving the somewhat trouble consciences of some pew sitters who were concerned about the Obamessiah on abortion and care little for the churches approval.  They helped win the first election and know that the next one will be a referendum on how he handles the economy and terrorists.

  • They traded Jesus Christ for Obama; the messiah of death.  They betrayed our Lord and humanity.  Judas’s!