Imagine the Potential 2

Imagine the Potential 2

Catholic Vote is back with another great pro-life TV commercial, “Imagine the Potential 2”, a follow on to their earlier ad that showed a child who had everything going against him before he was born but grew up to be our current president.

[Thanks to Amy Welborn.]
  • Wonderful piece, Dom.  Thanks for sharing it. Hope you will endorse President Obama’s efforts to expand the opportunities for adoption, as I believe he is sincere in seeing this as one of the best means of curtailing abortions

  • Actually the White House has said that it is not interested in curtailing the number of abortions: (link).

    And if that “expanded opportunities for adoption” includes homosexual adoption, then that’s no solution, as we’re all well aware.

  • Curtailing “the number of women seeking abortion,” which the President stated at Notre Dame as a goal many of us share, would inevitably reduce abortions. Homosexual adoption wasn’t even on my mind, as both my goddaughter and godson were adopted by different heterosexuals families that went to great lengths to adopt these children—now in or entering college—and provide nurturing homes for them.  Many more straight folks would do the same, if the adoption process were less expensive and burdensome.

  • I didn’t assume you were talking about gay adoption, but that’s often what Obama supporters bring up. I was anticipating.

    At ND, Obama said he wanted to “reduce the number of women seeking abortion by reducing the number of unintended pregnancies.” Pro-choice politicians who have said as much have always meant more contraception as well as abortion by pharmaceutical, i.e. the euphemistically named “emergency contraception.” Neither of those is an acceptable alternative.

    I’m am completely in favor of lowering the obstacles to adoption so that more families can welcome these children into their homes without going bankrupt and/or having to be inordinately wealthy.

  • I voted for Obama, but didn’t drink the Kool-Aid.  I will judge him, on this and other issues, by what policies he adopts ;>), regardless of what he or his aides say in the meanwhile.  He’s a Democrat, so I don’t anticipate his conversion to pro-life. But I welcome whatever he might do to reduce abortion and facilitate the desires of folks, such as the friends to whom i’ve alluded, eager to add children in need of nurture to their families.