If I ever wanted to be in a reality show…

If I ever wanted to be in a reality show…

If Isabella were 7 years old, I would already have sent in my email:

Is being a reality show contestant in your future? Gaby writes in: Wife Swap, ABC’s hit primetime show, seeks J.R.R. Tolkien enthusasts! Potential families can live anywhere in the United States, but we ask that families applying for the show consist of two parents and have at least one child, age 7 or older, living at home. Specifically, I’m looking for families whose lives have been transformed by the world of Middle Earth! If you yearn to walk the streets of Bag End, I want to hear from you! Families featured on the show will receive a $20,000 honorarium. If you refer a family that is selected you receive $1,000. To submit for the show, email a family photo and description to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Melanie says our lives are not “transformed by the world of Middle Earth” the way they probably intend, as in dressing up in costume for conventions and the like. I suppose. Could be fun to be on such a show though. I wonder what they have in mind.


  • You made my day!
      I can see the headline in the Boston Herald already.
      “Prominent Catholic blogger ID in wife-swap promotion.”
      The Globe would probably highlight the fact that you now work for Cardinal O’Malley!
    Fr Bill Pomerleau

  • Probably they’re going to swap mothers with a family that hates and fears fantasy literature. Alternately, they’ll swap moms with a Wiccan family.

    Of course, they might be _really_ diabolical, and swap mothers with a house full of Dragonlance or Shannara fans. Brrrr.

  • If you’ve never seen this show it can be described in two words…

    Train Wreck!

    They take two families from the extremes and switch the wifes for two weeks. So you get the Connecticut WASP wife switching with the Carny wife, or the Biker wife who spoils her kids switching with the Ghost chasing “bright” wife who can’t stand being a mom. It’s really just a freakshow on wheels. My problem is if I happen to channel surf across it I have trouble clicking away because it is, like I said, a train wreck.

    Which gives me an idea for a new reality show…there’s got to be at least one train wreck a week somewhere in the world, right!?!

  • Yeah, you gotta watch out for this.  The Middle Earth reference is the trap:  I think you’d end up getting set up with Lobelia Baggins!

  • Of course I meant to type “wives” above, not “wifes”. Apparently even limited exposure to this show has a detrimental effect on the brain.