Hating the Pope

Hating the Pope

The WebElves have a round up of coverage of Muslim protests and Western commentary on the kerfuffle.

Note well that the protests you see in the Muslim world are not necessarily what they seem. Look at the signs being held. Most of these people don’t speak English to begin with (even the bad English evident on the signs) and they’re not whipping these up in their living rooms. They are being printed on presses.

These protests are manufactured by extremist groups and political parties. They round up participants, willing and unwilling, give them a few acting pointers, and set them loose in front of the Western media to show up in our morning newspapers. But it’s also for the benefit of their own people, with the hope that the manufactured protests will grow into spontaneous protests. After all, in order to have a riot, someone has to light the spark.

N.B. My favorite protest sign? “Jihad is hump of Islam.”

My guess is what the author meant was “Jihad is the summit of Islam” or something like it, but his Freudian slip may be more accurate.

Update: The WebElves have now posted Hating the Pope 2.0

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