Guilt by association?

Guilt by association?

The folks at provide a real service to the public by compiling and documenting all kinds of information about the Scandal, but sometimes they come to conclusions that I can’t support. Sometimes they just don’t make sense. The Boston Globe get the group’s leadership to comment on the appointment of Boston’s auxiliaries and they offer criticism of Bishop-elect James Dooher.

Back in the mid-90s, Dooher worked at the chancery as an aide to Bishop John McCormack of Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dooher is mentioned in a 2003 report by Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly as one of two priests who in the mid-1990s met with pastors in parishes affected by abuse cases. Dooher was named in a deposition by Bishop John B. McCormack as having participated in conversations in the Boston archdiocese in 1994 about where to house abusive priests.

``John Dooher abetted a harmful and immoral coverup for the Boston archdiocese,” said Anne Barrett Doyle, codirector of ``Now he should lead it into an era of unprecedented honesty.”

Just what did Dooher do?

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