Giving Hillary a pass

Giving Hillary a pass

If George W. Bush had stood in front of a misspelled sign for a campaign speech, it would be on every news broadcast and mentioned in every article written about it, as if he was personally responsible for the creation and installation of every sign on his campaign stops.

Yet when it’s Hillary Clinton, there’s not a word in the Associated Press coverage.

But there’s no liberal bias or double standard in the media.

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  • I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out it did not become a big “laugher” story because the reporters there and their editors aren’t any better at spelling than whoever made the sign.

  • It’s what IS spelled correctly that is most appropriate here. If Hillary is elected, we will be as Job for at least 4 years! Only by the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit will we be able to live in our own country!

  • The photo was taken at the “CEO summit” here in Silicon Valley yesterday. Wonder which techie doesn’t know how to use spell check?

    All the candidates seem to be coming here, because of the money of course. A lot seem to make a pilgrimage to the Google campus (Edwards yesterday, Richardson and McCain during the past few weeks). Guess it is a hip/techie place for a photo op.