Friend me!

Friend me!

I sometimes forget that while I find myself writing and hanging out in many corners of the Internet, many of my friends only know this blog. Yet, there are several social media sites where I’m much more “present” than here at Bettnet these days, mainly for the quick, slice-of-life thoughts and moments. And I know that many of you have found me in those places, but many have not.

So occasionally I will post here to remind you where else you may read my musings if you so desire:


  • Bettnetlog: My tumblog where interesting links and an aggregation of material from other places I visit ends up.

  • Twitter

  • Facebook: I’ve friended a lot of people there. I’ve found it a great way to re-connect with people I’ve lost touch with.

  • Plurk: Plurk is like Twitter but with a twist. Conversations are much easier here than on Twitter. Lots of Catholics here.
  • Delicious: A bookmarking service where I save links to interesting stuff online
  • Friendfeed: Another place that aggregates my online presence, but it’s more wide-ranging and it also includes commenting.

So if you’d like to friend/subscribe on any or none of those sites, please feel free. Of course, I’ll still be posting here with about the same regularity as I’ve been posting.


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  • I know it’s a losing battle, but, while I approve creating new words for new ideas, I’d much rather an existing word used even if it has gone out of style, or an obsolete word repurposed for the existing need.

    Yes, Dom, I am happy to befriend you. smile