Fighting for life and freedom in the Philippines

Fighting for life and freedom in the Philippines

I received the following message from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (they call it the Friday Fax), an organization which lobbies on behalf of Catholic principles at the United Nations. Who could have imagined that a staunchly Catholic country like the Philippines—which has the largest Catholic population in Asia—would begin to attack human rights and Catholic teaching this way. It’s important to recall that such things are often pushed by the UN and the radical activists from various nongovernmental organizations that basically run it.

Filipino Congress Considers Coercive Two-Child Limit

The Filipino Congress is set to vote on Monday on a bill that critics say would discriminate against families with more than two children and would require the Catholic Church to provide sex education in schools and to pay for the sterilizations of its employees.

According to reports from the Filipino Family Fund, various Filipino legislators, arguing that the Philippines needs a much more aggressive policy of population control, introduced a bill that is strikingly similar to the One-Child policy of Communist China. The “Responsible Parenting and Population Control Act of 2005” includes a preference in education for two-child families, free access to abortifacients, mandatory sex education for children as young as 10-years-old and imprisonment penalties for health care providers who refuse to perform or provide sterilization services for a population that is 87 percent Catholic and 5 percent Muslim.

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