Farrakhan speaks at Chicago Catholic church

Farrakhan speaks at Chicago Catholic church

Not a good thing when hatemongering anti-Semites—who are “spiritual leaders” in a different religion no less— are allowed to speak at a Catholic Church, but that’s what happened in Chicago when the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan spoke at the famed predominantly black St. Sabina Catholic Church. It wasn’t his first time there either.

“I feel very honored to stand in this place,” he said. “I feel very honored by the media being struck by my being in a Catholic church with a white pastor.”

St. Sabina’s Rev. Michael L. Pfleger told his predominantly black congregation that Farrakhan’s presence at St. Sabina is “only strange to people who don’t know Minister Louis Farrakhan.”

“He’s spoken here many times and St. Sabina is a home for Louis Farrakhan,” said Pfleger, who called Farrakhan “a gift from God to a sick, sick world.”

Yes, what a gift he is as he tells us in his own words about the “blue-eyed devils” (white people) and “bloodsuckers” (Jews). In 1997 he referred to white men as the “anti-Christ.” In 2000, he said white people are “potential humans” who haven’t evolved yet.

The “real” anti-Semites

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  • Boy, this guy’s been busy.  He was also showing his “love” and tolerance for a gun store owner in Chicago, who he wanted to “drag him out” of his shop “like a rat” and “snuff” him.

    It’ll have the original sound-bite.

  • Cardinal George came into an Archdiocese with lots and lots of problems.  The madness at St. Sabina is just a taste of it… unfortunately a media savvy taste.

    I think that the Cardinal has realized that leaving Fr. Pfleger be in his little enclave is better than dealing with the crazed outcry that would occur if he was removed or shut down.

    It’s another case of the fact that orthodox priests will take transfer to outer mongolia quietly… and so they are often dealt with quite swiftly.  While priest such as Fr. Pfleger would make a huge media circus that might not be worth the trouble.