Dog bites man, film at eleven

Dog bites man, film at eleven

With all the stuff that the heterodox claim is acceptable in the Church added to the incredible diversity allowed within the Church, I guess it’s hard for some reporters to keep straight what’s really novel.

A married Ukrainian Catholic deacon is ordained and the local paper reports it. “Married priest ordained in Ukrainian Catholic church,” says the headline. Yep, lots of them. That’s the thing about Eastern-rite Catholics; their priests can be married before ordination.

What the ordination of Father Anibal Soutus has to do with the attempted ordinations on the riverboat in Pittsburgh, I can’t say, but in the newspaper reporter’s and editor’s minds they were related.

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  • That is one of the worst stories I have ever read.  There is no relationship whatsoever from a do-it-yourself hierarchy to the grand tradition of the Byzantine Catholic Church. 

    For what it is worth, the Ukranians Catholics seemed to have a better relationship with the Archdiocese in Chicago than in Scranton.  Perhaps Cardinal Mundelein noticed that as neither Ukraine nor Poland were on the map, he could press them to compete for parishoners.