Crime watch

Crime watch

This Boston Globe article starts off talking about gay men having sex in public in the Fens neighborhood. In another era, this would be a precursor to an article about the problem of such activity happening in a public place, but this is not that era. Instead, the problem defined by the article is muggings and other crimes going on in the area, compelling the creation a new group calling itself the Pink Pantha Patrol, which has been set up to patrol the area and prevent crime against men engaging in public acts of lewdness.

I’m not against neighborhood crime watches, but the Globe‘s casual acceptance of gay sex in the bushes is somewhat disturbing. This is life in the Blue States today, I guess.

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  • She’s not bothered by men having sex in the reeds, she says, as long as they leave her garden alone.

    “I’m tired of it,” she says. “I’m really tired of it. Every day, I’m picking up condoms. It’s nasty.”

    Nice article.  Another place in the article it talks about condoms hanging on the reeds.

    So the dilemna:  Cut the reeds and curb the violence.  But cut the reeds, and no place for buggery.  Oh, what to do?

    Read the article and notice when a gay man is found dead, immediately it is assumed as anti-gay violence.  Never is gay-on-gay violence assumed.

  • Isn’t the scariest part of this the fact that they guys head off into the reeds on “eye contact” only.

    And it is not about sex, RIGHT!

  • Gay sex has been going on in those reeds for what….200 years? I think you could probably get a nasty disease just walking by that area.

    I remember something about muggings in those reeds, maybe thirty years ago. How is this “news”?

    The real “news” is that this venerable Fenway institution wasn’t shut down about about a century ago.