Communion & Liberation in Boston

Communion & Liberation in Boston

Just received from a reader:

On January 14 at 4 pm in Fanueil Hall in Boston, Communion & Liberation is hosting a free panel discussion with Archbishop Sean O’Malley, Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, Henrik Hertzberg (senior editor of The New Yorker), and Fr. Jose Medina of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School.

Something is happening that has never happened before. What is in crisis is the capacity of a generation of adults to educate their own children. For years, from the new pulpits—schools and universities, newspapers and television—it has been preached that freedom is the absence of ties and of history.

Reality itself has been denied, as has the hope for a positive meaning to life, and we risk raising a whole generation of young people who feel like orphans, without parents or teachers, forced to walk as if on quicksand, bored and led along only by fashions and power.

But their boredom is the child of our own boredom, their uncertainties the child of a culture that has demolished the conditions and the environments of education: family, school, and Church. It is possible and necessary to educate, to introduce people to reality and to its meaning.

Join us as we face this crisis in education and take up our responsibility for our children and the future of our society.

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  • “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose; nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’, but it’s free.”

  • The whole Life Teen/Youth Ministry movement needs to just die. It’s a waste and frankly leads more kids out of the church than it keeps. After the my slick high school religion program I went to college and fell away from the Faith until my marriage.

    I came back not because of a “fun” priest or because of cool music but due to the preaching and example of a tough, traditional little old Opus Dei priest who refused to attempt to shrink God and His church down to the level I was at.

  • Yes, solid and orthodox. I wouldn’t have posted the announcement if they weren’t. If you see me post something like this, you can assume it has the Dom Seal of Good Orthodoxy(tm).