CNS writes to Notre Dame prez about McBrien

CNS writes to Notre Dame prez about McBrien

  • The real issue is not the plagiarism but the content. But of course Notre Dame may be unwilling to deal with the real issue.

  • According to the National Education Education, tenure is not actually a lifetime job guarantee.


    Tenure is simply a right to due process; it means that a college or university cannot fire a tenured professor without presenting evidence that the professor is incompetent or behaves unprofessionally or that an academic department needs to be closed or the school is in serious financial difficulty. Nationally, about 2 percent of tenured faculty are dismissed in a typical year.

    …it is difficult—- purposely difficult—- to fire a tenured professor…
    Faculty members remain accountable after achieving tenure. Tenured faculty at most colleges and universities are evaluated periodically-among other things, for promotion, salary increases and, in some cases, merit increases…If basic academic tenets and due process rights are observed, this kind of accountability is wholly appropriate. A finding of incompetence or unprofessional conduct can still result in firing.

    That’s not to say that ND will fire him, but it suggests they certainly can if they want to.