Catching pizza at Fenway Park-UPDATED

Catching pizza at Fenway Park-UPDATED

Updated: This version of the video includes the whole incident and all the play-by-play. This is what makes Remy and Orsillo so great: On a gray rainy day when the game was out of hand by the second, they kept it fun.

Now this is funny, but you probably have to be from New England and be a Red Sox fan to think so.

Can you hear Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo busting a gut discussing this incident from Monday’s game against the Angels? Apparently, some fan got a little peeved at another guy for ruining a foul ball opportunity so he threw his perfectly good $8 slice of pizza at him. I don’t know what’s funnier though: the pizza toss or the look on the face of the guy who spilled his beer in the midst of it all.

I’m not sure why, but the more I watch this, the funnier it is.

  • I don’t get it.  The pizza “recipient” stopped the Angels outfielder from catching the ball in the stands. Why would a Red Sox fan (i.e. the pizza thrower) be upset by that?  Heck, here in Cleveland, keeping an opposing player from making a catch in the stands is considered a fan’s sacred duty.  The guy probably wouldn’t have to buy his own beer for the rest of the game.

  • Maybe he was an Angels fan. Or he was just simply a soused Sox fan who was mad he didn’t get the foul ball. I have a feeling he may have had beer spilled on him when the recipient went up for the ball.

  • OMG that is hilarious – I mean the slow-mo video of the pizza flying through the air.  The play by play is funny too. 

    I couldn’t stop laughing. 

    You gotta have a little fun in the booth with stuff like that, as long as no one was hurt.

  • you don’t have to be from NE or a RS fan to enjoy that—but you do have to be from NE to realize that pizza is pronounced “pizzer”.  You guys do funny things with R’s that us, perfectly speaking midwesterners, don’t always get grin