Call to Action: a social justice group?

Call to Action: a social justice group?

In a weekend story about a Harvard Divinity School graduate who wrote a book about using the Bible to heal from abuse, she is identified as a “coordinator for Call to Action, a Catholic social justice group. Is that what they are now? Social justice or plain old heresy and/or dissent?

In a way it just adds more fuel to my certainty that whenever I see “social justice” in a Catholic context, it’s less likely to be about the authentically Catholic meaning of the term and more about doctrinal dissent and political liberalism.

Oh, and I have my doubts about the efficacy and orthodoxy of the book as well. No kidding.

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  • The term “social justice” may have had a valid meaning at some time in the past—though I doubt that as well, but it is now simply another concocted cliche.  It refers more to the subject’s emotional state of feeling good than to the victim’s plight; and falls into that bottomless pit of banal expressions that might as well be topped by “have a nice day.”
    As for Call to Action having anything to do whatsoever with justice, perhaps leaving the Church that they so love to hate might be the most just action that these con artists could do.