Boston Catholics: Get tickets to see the Pope in New York!

Boston Catholics: Get tickets to see the Pope in New York!

If you’re a Catholic living in the Archdiocese of Boston and you want to attend the papal Mass in Yankee Stadium on April 20, you’re in luck. The Archdiocese has been allocated 3,000 tickets and you can put your name in the lottery by going to the Archdiocese’s Bicentennial web site and signing up.

Demand is expected to outstrip supply so make sure to get your name in. Tickets are free, but non-transferable (you won’t see them on eBay) and there is fee for transportation as well.

It looks like all the bicentennial dioceses are being allocated some tickets. Obviously Baltimore will get tickets to events in Washington, DC, but Boston, Philadelphia, and Lousville, Kentucky, will get tickets for New York.

This is a very big deal and a nice gesture since this will likely be the only chance we’ll get to see Pope Benedict in the US.

I doubt Melanie and I will be going. It’s a long day on a bus and in stadium seats and we’ll have six-week-old baby then. But I hope lots of you get a chance to go.

  • Hey Dom- any idea if kids under 14 are allowed to go?  The lottery indicated only 14 years and older can go in the lottery for a ticket.

  • Matt, I would call and ask, but I’m pretty sure that they’re discouraging under 14, mainly because it’s going to be a very long day. If you look at the schedule they’ve posted, the buses leave at 4:30 to 5am and don’t get back until 11:30pm or later and it’s go-go all day.

    New York wants people in their seats at 10am and Mass doesn’t even start until 2:30 pm.

    This is partly why Melanie and I aren’t going to try.