Bettinellis on CatholicTV’s House+Home

Bettinellis on CatholicTV’s House+Home

Check this out. My brother and his family were featured in this episode of CatholicTV‘s House+Home show.

This is the house I grew up in. What’s now the girls’ bedroom used to be the room I shared with my brother when we were kids. It looked “a lot” different then. Also look for the steer horns that Melanie and I brought back for my nephews from one of our trips to Texas.

  • Dom, thank you so much for posting that visit with your brother. Your brother’s family seem just as nice as yours.  How wonderful that the two of you are such good Catholics who give a lead to the family in the practise of the Faith.  I have been reading how vital is the role of the father in the keeping of children in the Faith.  What a great idea for a TV programme and the priest has a great manner; he would make everyone feel at ease.

  • What a wonderful and happy Catholic family. A great testament to the daily but rewarding challenges faced by all of us who have and maintain a holy Catholic family.
    Father Reed looks like a man happy and fulfilled in his vocation.