Bella Abzug Tops Diocese of Cleveland Reading List

Bella Abzug Tops Diocese of Cleveland Reading List

Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland certainly has his work cut out for him cleanging up his new diocese. The diocesan Office of Women in Church and Society provides a “Book Resource List” and the first alphabetical listing is for Bella Abzug, the pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-gay rights liberal Democrat congressman.

Nothing like an official office of a Catholic diocese promoting the works of someone whose views are antithetical to the Gospel.  (And what’s with some of the listed works? Why does a women’s resources book list start with not one, but two dictionaries?)

[Thanks to Diago at Free Republic and the reader who emailed it to me for the link.]

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  • Carrie,
    You missed Andrew Greeley. And wait until you get all the way to the W’s. Mary Jo Weaver and the Women’s Ordination Conference, with Shillebeckx and the Presbyterian Church along the way. As if there was any doubt as to why His Excellency Tony’s retirement was so quickly accepted by the Holy Father.

  • Maybe all these crackpots will go off and join the emerging womenpriests fake catholic church that’s emerging and leave all us real catholics alone.  Finally.  Thank God.

  • The last time I looked all the working links on the diocesan webpage for homosexual ministries were magisterial documents. Let’s hope Bishop Richard can clean up his feminist problem.