Aussie pol says hell preferable to changing vote

Aussie pol says hell preferable to changing vote

After Cardinal George Pell warned Australian Catholic lawmakers that they risked eternal consequences if they voted to approve embryonic stem-cell research and funding, at least one told the cardinal he would rather go to Hell than change his vote. That was Tony Stewart, evidently not the NASCAR driver, but a parliamentary backbencher in the New South Wales parliament.

Maybe I’ll go to Hell, but if I go to Hell I’m going to do so by saving a lot of lives, [except the lives of the unborn children killed and dismembered for their cells] because that’s what this bill is about,” said Tony Stewart. “We don’t need a religious leader telling members of parliament what should be done.”

After Pell warned Premier Morris Iemma that he may deny him Communioin, Iemma and the other Catholic pols erupted in anager and, predictably, accused him of mixing religion and politics. They must be getting their talking points from the US Democratic Party.

As for the bill itself, why I don’t see what the problem is:

The bill would permit “human-animal hybrids”, “fertilizing immature eggs from aborted girls with adult male sperm” to form new embryos, and “mixing the genetic material of more than two persons” and destroying them at 14 days for their stem-cells.

What could possibly go wrong with that? “Yes, you can make human-animal hybrids and chimeras and other children as long you make sure they’re dead within 14 days.” Apart from the murder of the children, note that they’re planning to implant these hybrid cells into human beings. Where are the moonbats who are usually protesting genetically modified feed-corn? This is worlds worse.

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  • “Where are the moonbats who are usually protesting genetically modified feed-corn?”

    You won’t be hearing from them.  Even if one could show that Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) was behind the whole scheme, they would not want to be associated with any opponents of abortion.

    Is there an analogy between the tortured logic of abortion defenders and that of those who defended the Ptolemaic universe?  As every new piece of evidence demonstrated more conclusively the unsustainability of their position, the more tightly and combatively they held to it.  We can only hope and pray for the eventual collapse of intellectual infrastructure of the culture of death.

  • The more we are forced to reason against what is obviously NUTS, the more I wonder how effective reason is. I mean, we’re talking about cultural insanity, here, all over the place. Maybe if we pray that God sends the “Rudy” msg to every pol who rejects the truth, we might get somewhere?