Audit results in Boston

Audit results in Boston

The Boston archdiocese released the results of its latest audit of its compliance with the US bishops’ charter on sex abuse. The report says that archdiocese is doing just fine except not all children have been indoctrinated in the “safe environment sex education” program.

The archdiocese said that it has completed the training for adults and for approximately 119,000 children, but it has not yet given training to approximately 90,000 children in religious education classes and parochial schools.

And they won’t in my parish as both I, as a parish religious education coordinator, and my pastor have both said. These programs are themselves a form of abuse of children’s innocence and a co-opting of the role of parents. In addition, their mandatory nature takes time away from what we’re supposed to be doing, which is giving kids an education in their religion. They also make children the frontline of their own defense. Teaching them to say no, does not protect them from predators. Not assigning such predators as priests in their parishes does. Even more, making sure adults are on the lookout for them does as well. I’ve outlined my objections to these kinds of programs in detail before.

The usual suspects

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  • I was a poorly educated Catholic and went to public school with progessive sex ed. There is one thing I don’t understand, we tell children left and right it is wrong if an adult touches them, but then we tell them at the age of nine in a sex education class how to put on a condom and it’s ok to masturbate.

    Then in junior high, we tell them that oral and anal sex is normal for heterosexual and homosexuals. Yet again we tell them that no adult can touch them, but then we teach they are free to get birth control without parent’s permission to fool around with each other all they want.

  • Our sons will not be safe until the predatory homosexuals in the priesthood and the network of gay-friendly clergy that protect them are dealt with. I see no evidence that the bishops are willing to do this. Many bishops are part of this network.

    We corrupt the innocence of children with respect to their families and other adults around them rather than teach pre-teen boys they must be wary of homosexuals.