Ask Cardinal Mahony

Ask Cardinal Mahony

Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles is going to hold an online chat and answer questions from the faithful during the Religious Education Congress. The questions are submitted ahead of time and I’m sure they will be carefully vetted to avoid any “unpleasantness.” For example, I doubt he will answer this one: “… what you think about using more Latin in the Mass?” or this one: “Just curious about some new things I’ve seen at church. May a priest change the liturgy as he sees fit? For example, may he change the words given by ICEL, use a wooden or glass chalice, or allow a lay person to read the Gospel or give a homily? Thank you.”

On the other hand, I expect we’ll see answers to this one: “Do you think the Church will restore the female diaconate, and if so, when?” and probably softballs like this one: “Are there any plans to publish the photographs you took during the construction of our Cathedral? It would be so great to witness the construction through your eyes.”

Anyway, if you feel like tilting at a windmill you can submit a question at the site and see it not answered on March 31.

[Thanks to Patrick Kinsale for the link.]

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • “Your Eminence”

    We understand you have been renting out Our Lady of the Angels to heretical and pagan organizations.  Are the dancing nuns an added option?

    It was reported that while you were on the run, oops, we mean on a sabatical in China last November, you were privileged to say mass in that country.  Were you aware that the edifice you were in was the communist run “Catholic” Church of China?

  • We have more questions:

    We seem to recall that during the Boston scandals you were very preturbed that Cardinal Law did not immediately vacate his office and retire to a desert island in sackcloth and ashes.  Isn’t it true, your phonyness, that your archdiocese is currently involved in over 850 abuses cases involving over 300 attorneys?  As a follow up question, have you picked out the basilica in Rome you will be overseeing when it’s finally time for you to get out of
    Dodge – we mean retire?

  • I notice they didn’t post my question about women’s ordination on the site.  Does that mean they are pretending it doesn’t exist?

  • Eminence:

    Even a cursory reading of that yellow-backed novel, “Gather Faithfully Together,” suggests that you have issues with “control.”  What other personality traits do you have in common with the average Communist apparatchik?