Anti-Catholic Comedy Central

Anti-Catholic Comedy Central

Just when you think Catholic bashing in the media can’t any more obnoxious it does. Brent Bozell exposes Comedy Central’s virulently hate-filled anti-Catholic screed in the form of a Tv show called “The Root of All Evil.”

It’s hosted by bottom-feeding shock comic Lewis Black, whose schtick of being as offensive as possible has garnered him such fame that this is the first time I’ve heard of him. Black is a bigot who judges the Catholic Church, which stands on trial charged as being the root of all evil. Sounds hilarious. This is on Comedy Central, why?

He’s joined by another no-name comic, Greg Giraldo, who Bozell says abandons all pretense all comedy to vent his spleen about the Church he was baptized into. You can guess the level of blasphemy and offensiveness that spews forth.

As usual, these cowards attack the Church because they know that Catholics will return insults only with words and prayer, whereas even a much milder level of invective at Islam would be met with fatwas and attempts on their lives.

By the way, Alltel Wireless was the sponsor of the phone-in poll for those who wished to vote for the Church as the root of all evil. Knowledge of which you can do with what you will.


  • I usually take these kinds of things as compliments.  Not just because of Matthew 5:10-12.  Some other reasons I can think of not to be offended:

    #1: People who hate the Church won’t get to say things like “See how touchy they are?  No sense of humor or humility!”

    #2: It indicates that they have enough respect for the Church to hold the Church to a higher standard (even if it’s a standard the Church doesn’t share.)

    #3: It shows that they know how civilized Catholics actually are.  (Witness the response to The Da Vinci Code compared with the response to The Satanic Verses.)

  • As much as I hate to be the voice of outrage, this is a pattern of behavior that the MSM needs to be broken of.  They need, I think, to be hurt in the pocketbook.

    I think it’s time for a good ole-fashioned boycott against Viacom and their biggest advertisers.  I nominate Alltel for that honor.

    Thoughts, anyone.  This isn’t just one incident, it’s a pattern.