An othercott may not be needed

An othercott may not be needed

The first screening of the Da Vinci Code movie was made tonight in front of critics at the Cannes film festival. Barbara Nicolosi’s instincts were right: The movie was not screened before critics because it stinks to high heaven.

According to Reuters news agency, the reaction at the first press screening in Cannes was largely negative, with loud laughter even breaking out at one of the pivotal scenes.

“Nothing really works. It’s not suspenseful. It’s not romantic. It’s certainly not fun,” Boston Herald film critic Stephen Schaefer told Reuters.

Echoing “Da Vinci Code” star Tom Hanks, who called the film “a lot of hooey” not to be taken seriously, Schaefer said: “It seems like you’re in there forever. And you’re conscious of how hard everybody’s working to try to make sense of something that basically perhaps is unfilmable.”

More effective than any boycott or protest will be the sheer awfulness of the movie itself. As I said before, within six weeks it will sink out of sight and we’ll only remember the whole big deal as an unpleasant memory. After all, who even remembers “The Last Temptation of Christ” or “Dogma” or “Stigmata” or any other similarly blasphemous movie?

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  • I fully expect [DA VINCI CRAP] to get rave reviews by the usual suspects no matter how awful it really is.

    Except, Bender … that this thread proves that it hasn’t. At least so far.

  • We still have to worry about that flake who reviews for the USCCB.  Don’t forget, he thought Brokeback Mt. was powerful.

  • Instead of boycotting the movie ask your friends to hold off from seeing it during the first two weeks, until after May 31st.  This way it will be denied any curious-factor momentum

  • People certainly still remember The Last Temptation of Christ; I recently had a Know-Nothing throw it in my face as “proof” that Catholics maintain a double standard (supposedly, because Scorsese was Catholic, that made it “OK” for him mock God).  We’re not dealing with rational forces here—we’re dealing with irrational prejudices.

    To echo Barb, keep up the Othercott.  Over the Hedge looks to be a good choice.

  • how do we spell “scheudenfreud

    Make that Schadenfreude, Ed.

    Not sure it would be a sin in this case tongue wink