An open source animated short as good as Pixar

An open source animated short as good as Pixar

Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

This short cartoon was created by the users of the open-source modeling software Blender and released under the Creative Commons license. Pretty impressive. Isabella loves it.

  • Impressive graphics, but I do wish you had given some warning as to the content.  My four-year-old and two-year-old boys were sitting on my lap at the computer when I came across this post.  Based on what you wrote about your daughter loving it, I assumed that this would be a great video for the kids, so I played it without previewing it.  My four-year-old is pretty sensitive, and it turned out to be too violent for him, even though I turned it off halfway through.  But it’s my fault for not previewing it first.

  • Well, it’s OK—no harm done really.  And I realized later that part of the problem was that my (very old) home computer was playing the video at only maybe 70% of the normal speed when I watched it with my kids.  So some of the actions (like smashing the butterfly) lingered on the screen a bit too long.

    And as I said, I think that my kids, especially my four year old, are very sensitive to this kind of stuff, so I should have watched it myself first.

    (But I do think that there is a difference between computer-animated cartoon violence, and “old-fashioned” cartoon violence such as Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry, simply because the computer-animated stuff looks more real.)

  • I thought the bunny was a little over-anthropomorphised. I thought he should be more, you know, hippity hoppity.

    But I’ve always known squirrels were evil.