A suggestion for new Jesuit Father General

A suggestion for new Jesuit Father General

My colleague Alejandro Bermudez (he’s been a frequent contributor to Catholic World Report on Latin American affairs) has a new blog called “Catholic Outsider” that’s a must read. He has a post on developments with the Society of Jesus. He quotes from a Spanish newspaper that says the Jesuits are preparing to elect a new Father General in 2008. Really? I have a few names to suggest. Maybe Pope Benedict will put in a word for Father Joseph Fessio, SJ.

(If Fr. Fessio reads that he’ll probably have a word or two for me.) While it would be a cross for poor Father Fessio (or the several other Jesuits I’m thinking of), it would be nice to see them shake up the order well and truly. While Father General isn’t a dictator, he does have some strong influence over the order.

It’s not going to happen of course, but it’s nice to dream of such things. (But then I never thought I’d see Joseph Ratzinger elected pope.)

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