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My Favorite Keyboard Maestro Macros

[lead dropcap="yes"]I got a request to share my favorite Keyboard Maestro macros and so I put a few of them together here. Keyboard Maestro (KM) is a Mac app that allows you to create complex automations to control your software in almost any way... [Continue Reading]

How I Work in 2023

My last "How I Work" post was in 2018 and and the first one was in 2015 and I thought it was time to update, even though much of how I work remains similar to last time.

Mac Automation: Moving Projects to Archive

[lead dropcap="yes"]Every week, I edit about a dozen podcast episodes that include a whole bunch of big files. Once the show is posted and scheduled, those files can be moved to archival storage1, which in my case is a Synology DS418 network... [Continue Reading]

How I Work in 2018

[lead dropcap="yes"]It’s been three years since I first did a “How I Work” blog post (at the prompting of Tom McDonald) and since then I moved to a different full-time job and then to another (current) full-time job, where what I do is now almost... [Continue Reading]

Mac Menu Bar Apps

Mac Menu Bar App Massive Review

[lead dropcap="yes"]Among the most useful and most overlooked of Mac software applications are Menu Bar Apps. These are small, often single-purpose applications that reside in the top-right part of your Mac’s menu bar, usually behind a small icon... [Continue Reading]

Mac apps

More Must-Have Mac Apps

[lead dropcap="yes"]After posting my previous blog post on my Must-Have Mac Apps, a number of friends and readers suggested even more apps that they must have, and I had to admit that I could add many more to my list. And so here are even More Must... [Continue Reading]