You too can have a mystery castle

You too can have a mystery castle

I’ve always said that if I ever build my own home, it must have a secret passageway, like you see in old movies. I think it would lend an air of mystery and fun to the house, especially for kids. Now I’ve found just the company to do it: For a price—a pretty penny too—they will build a sliding bookcase or spinning fireplace or whatever else you desire.

This is no slapdash fake door, but real working bookcases and cabinets and staircases and cabinets and more, built to extremely tight tolerance, even using the latest technology like biometric scanners and pinhole cameras. It’s so cool!

Go to the site (sorry for the auto-play music; I hate that) and click on “Media”. Then click on “Videos” to see demonstrations of some of their products at work, as well as how one of their hidden doors was used in a house in “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

I think what I want is similar to what you find in Salem’s famed House of Seven Gables—a secret passage with several entrances throughout the house and leading to secret room in the attic with a window seat and fun places to hang out and read and be private. Awesome.


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  • I remember going to a home show with my parents as a kid, the kind where the manufacturers and whatnot show off their newest home products.  There was a company back then called “Great Walls” that did the same thing.  They had a demo room set up with hidden cupboards in the wall and a sliding bookcase.  The showed how the triggers could be anything from a hidden buttons to turning a particular lamp or knick-knack.  I always dreamt of contracting them for some kind of secret passage.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy that. grin