Wish lists and bento boxes

Wish lists and bento boxes

If you have an Amazon.com wishlist, how do you use it?

  • As a list for you to remember stuff you want to buy?
  • As a wishlist for friends and family to peruse when it’s your birthday or Christmas?
  • As a list for you to use when buying gifts for other people?
  • Do you just use it stash away links to interesting items you find on Amazon that you’ll probably never buy?

I’m kind of curious. I think I mainly use it for stuff I want to buy eventually, but which friends and family could use as a guide for gifts too. For example, my wishlist has quite a few books, including some that went on the list years ago that I might read eventually but have never risen to the front of my must-read consciousness.

I’ve also added several different digital cameras, one of which I might like someday, but only one of them. They’re just there as a reminder or placeholder.

There are a few rare (and expensive) Tolkien books, I’d love to get someday, but can’t justify buying now.

Some DVD sets of Horatio Hornblower and Star Trek and old movies; some kitchen gear too.

One thing I may get sooner rather than later is the Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless-Steel lined Lunch Jar, Silver It’s a Japanese-inspired lunch box, a series of insulated microwaveable bowls that nest inside a larger container about the size of a large water bottle. You can pack four different food items, keep them separate, heat the ones that need to be heated and keep the cold ones cold. It’s certainly more convenient than my “one-container-holds-all” Tupperware lunch box. And maybe I’ll bring my lunch more often instead of going out to buy it.

Anyway, so how do you use your Amazon wishlist?

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  • I’m such a wish list junkie.

    Now that they let you have multiple categories, I have four categories of books I want to read (Church/God, Food/Nutrition, Family/Kids, and Politics). And then I have a Gifts List where I store good gift ideas—both for other people and for me.

    I don’t let friends and family know about it because I’m such a control freak about what I read. E.g. if someone bought me St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises *before* I had finished Introduction to the Devout Life it would just be total chaos! smile

  • Funny, I was just updating MY wish list just now. I’m using it to track books I want to read (even if I’m going to get them out of the library). I read a number of mystery series and need to track which I haven’t read yet. I also use it for gift ideas when my husband wants ideas – but I don’t send anyone else to it.

    I don’t think I could ever get my husband a book or movie without his wish list though. It would be impossible for me to remember what he’s already read or seen without it!

  • All of the above.

    Tried different lists for different categories but it’s much easier to save things to just one list. 

    And my dh has THAT bento box, after being on my wish list for him for more than a year.  He gets good use out of it!  I usually pack soup, hot veggie or a salad, rice or noodles, and a dessert for him.

  • I use my Amazon wish list to keep track of things I want or might want to write about at some point. I don’t actually share it with others—it’s just a tickler for me. The Zo Mr. Bento is good for keeping things all cool or all warm (by pre-heating or chilling the container beforehand), but not so good at holding some dishes hot with others cold at the same time. I find it a bit bulky for everyday use, but it really can’t be beat for carrying warm soups and rice at the same time. Nissan Thermos has a similar one (JLX1400, I think), and of course there are the Zo Ms. Bentos as well (slightly smaller than the Mr. Bentos).