Why, Jeb?

Why, Jeb?

Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who was a staunch supporter in the fight to save Terri Schiavo, is now endorsing a pro-abortion state senator who opposed Terri’s right to life. And it’s not like Bush doesn’t have an alternative. State Senate president Jim King is being opposed by Randall Terry. Terry is a founder of Operation Rescue and was one of the most vocal advocates in defense of Terri.

In addition to being pro-abortion, Jim King is pro-“homosexual rights”, wrote Florida’s euthanasia laws, and was quoted as saying, “I want her [Terri Schiavo] to die.”

Regarding this electoral battle, Gary McCullough of the Christian Communications Network says: “Let me tell you something: I live in this district.  I see people every day who know Jim King and Randall Terry, and Randall Terry is poised to beat Jim King in a Republican primary.  I have seen the polling data with my own eyes.  Jim King has managed to alienate just about every portion of the Republican Party, especially the pro-life, pro-family, fiscal conservatives who vote in primaries.”

Bush claims that Terry was more of a hindrance in the fight to save Terri than a help,while he gives credit to King for originally supporting Bush’s attempts to save Terri, even though he flip-flopped on it. So a man who wanted to save a Terry but was a hindrance is not better than a man who flip-flopped for political gain? Is it any wonder people are so cynical about politicians?

Terry said he was “actually not that worried about” the endorsement, and sent an open letter to Bush and the media that listed areas where the governor and King have disagreed over the years, then implied the governor was violating his religious beliefs.

“How could you ignore our faith, and the teachings of our Lord, to embrace a man who scoffs at and denigrates the very essence of that faith as it relates to life and family?” Terry’s letter states. “Can we claim to be a friend of Faith and Family while we help those who wage a policy war against our families and our faith?”

A good question.

Respectful, calm, and reasoned pleas to the governor to change his mind can be emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or you can phone (850-488-7146) or fax (850-487-0801) him.

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