What might have been on the pro-abort Catholic pol issue

What might have been on the pro-abort Catholic pol issue

Amy gives an excellent and comprehensive look at the consequences of the episcopal punt on the pro-abortion pol/Communion issue by the USCCB, as exemplified by a current case in St. Louis.

But the issue could be addressed in another way than what has been concluded here. It could have been addressed in a way that challenged politicians to be faithful, to explicitly lay out the moral dimensions in question and to clearly say that if you’re publicly defying Church teaching and weirdly flaunting your Catholic faith in the process, you might want to expect a chat with your bishop and the statement would encourage the bishops to do so.

There’s another way between a national policy and a statement that we have, which seems, from what I’ve read to actually discourage bishops from doing anything because it then puts the bishops who don’t do anything in an uncomfortable position.

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  • Episcopalians, like Mainline Protestants are on the path to being ex-Christian neo-pagans. They possess a compromised faith that continues to weaken.  Their pews will continue to empty out until their last whisper.  Feel free to ignore them.

    Evengelicals and Orthodox Catholics, who are united by a love of Christ, despite important differences, are the future.  They understand that the creation of life is among man’s highest ideals and that barren sexuality, devoid of this fundamental purpose, reduces man to just another materialist instrument of pleasure.