What a Mac user likes (and dislikes) about Windows #1

What a Mac user likes (and dislikes) about Windows #1

I’ve started using Microsoft Windows recently and if know me as a Mac user, you know that’s somewhat of a shock to the system. Oh, I’m not one of those Mac bigots who thinks that Windows or Microsoft are evil or who thinks they are horrible and unworthy of ever being used by anyone anywhere.

I simply prefer Apple computers and OS X. I think they are superior hardware and software that are reliable and easy to use and very powerful. I can do things with OS X that perhaps might be possible on Windows, but would take me a long time to figure out.

That said, I’ve found some things about Windows in the past few months that I like and a few things I dislike. (I will reserve my comments to Windows 2000 and XP, which are the only two Windows versions I’m familiar with; I have not yet used Vista.)

One thing I like about Windows that I wish were true in OS X is the speed with which applications open. If I receive a Word document in an email on Windows and click to open it, the program starts and the document opens in seconds. The same for other programs. They just pop open.

On OS X, it’s a lot slower. Now I will readily admit that part of the problem may be that I have tricked out my Mac with all kinds of utilities and enhancements that may be slowing things down, but even a fresh-out-of-the-box Mac is slower than any of the Dells I’ve used, including Melanie’s three-year-old Dell laptop.

Of course, there’s plenty to dislike about Windows. Configuring anything, especially hardware, is needlessly difficult and arcane. There is no consistency among programs. The first thing I have to install on a new Windows installation is anti-adware, anti-virus, anti-whatever software. Well, you know I could go on: Mac users’ complaints about Windows are well known.

I just wanted to note one positive thing I’d experienced.

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Domenico Bettinelli