VOTF’s true colors are showing

VOTF’s true colors are showing

Good to see someone else noticing Voice of the Faithful’s contradictions and publicizing it. The National Catholic Register reports on the same newsletter I blogged about earlier this week that featured the work of well-known dissenters. NCR got a VOTF spokesman on the record about it.

Asked why the Aug. 24 issue of “In the Vineyard” promotes dissenting opinions on several sensitive issues and has no content supporting church teachings on those issues, [VOTF spokesman John] Moynihan said that the newsletter was serving as a forum for “discussion.”

“We are not taking a position as an organization on any of these issues, but we are encouraging discussion,” Moynihan said. “I think that’s good.”

Moynihan declined to provide any examples of when the newsletter had supported church teachings on the issues mentioned in the Aug. 24 issue. “I’m not saying we’re going to have to give space to the opposing perspective on every issue,” he said.

And that’s why it’s called not taking a position. Because, you know, you only provide one perspective. Hey, John, how about you provide the “opposing” perspective just once. I like the Freudian slip, too, making Church teaching into the “opposing” perspective. The sheepskin disguise has slipped a little more, and the wolf is peeking out from underneath.

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