Vatican, USCCB discuss disciplining naughty bishops

Vatican, USCCB discuss disciplining naughty bishops

Could it possibly be? After all this time, do you think they got the message? Will the US bishops finally make themselves credible regarding their response to the Scandal and demand accountability from their fellow bishops? Maybe.

The U.S. bishops and the Vatican are discussing whether disciplinary action should be taken against bishops who moved child-abusing priests from parish to parish, said the head of the U.S. bishops’ conference.

Of course, the very first bit of spin that follows that claim is the standard line of “Hey, don’t blame us, we were just following the recommendations of the mental health community who said that guys who engage in the (sinful) behavior, oops, I mean “boundary violation”, of having sex with kids can be cured by going to a treatment center and being strapped onto a penile plethysmograph and watching pornography.” (No really, that’s what they used at those treatment centers.)

“Now we know differently,” says Bishop William Skylstad. Funny, but all the mental health professionals I’ve talked to or read about who didn’t have a pro-gay bias knew it too, and knew back in the 80s.

So what type of disciplinary actions are we talking about?

Bishop Skylstad said the Vatican already has taken action against Cardinal Bernard F. Law by accepting his early resignation as head of the Boston Archdiocese.

And he was then given a cushy job in Rome at St. Mary Major Basilica with a nice apartment, a generous stipend, and a staff. As far as disciplinary action goes, it’s not too strenuous. He parachuted out of the pressure cooker of Boston and into the dolce vita of Rome.

What can they really do to a bad bishop?

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Domenico Bettinelli