1. I saw “Superman Returns” the other night with the guys. We had dinner at our friends Randy and Lori’s house with some other couples and our pastor, Fr. Murphy, and after the guys went out to the movie. It was a very nice present from our wives.

    Anyway, we saw the movie at the IMAX theatre and “select scenes” were in 3-D, mainly action and flying scenes. I give the movie a solid B, although I may be taking points off because we ended up near the front and off to the side of the theatre. IMAX really should be seen from the center of the theatre.

    The movie itself was okay, although I have to say it was very slow in parts and the ending felt like it took forever to wrap up. Brandon Routh did an amazing job of mimicking some of the mannerisms and voice of Christopher Reeve, especially as Clark Kent. Kate Bosworth was not nearly as annoying in the role of Lois Lane as Margot Kidder was, but there was still something grating about the character. Honestly, I don’t know why Superman/Clark Kent doesn’t just write her off and find someone less pig-headed and obstinate (and unobservant!) Kevin Spacey was excellent as Lex Luthor, of course, chewing up the scenery, but in a good way. But can anyone tell me what the point of Parker Posey’s character was? She was more useless than Sophie Neveau in “The Da Vinci Code.” (Whereas the original Luthor moll, Miss Teschmacher, played by Valerie Perrine in both “Superman” and “Superman II”, was just right.)

    As for the plot, like others I had problems with the out-of-wedlock child and the matter of fact way of dealing with the lack of the marriage between his parents. Are we normalizing this situation now?

    Still, it was enjoyable and I’d like to what they could do with another sequel.

  2. The rule for a farmer’s market is like that for flea markets and yard sales. Get there early or there will be slim pickings left. On Saturday morning, we finally got out to our local farmer’s market in Marblehead. It’s not the greatest market in the world, but it’s not bad either. The cheesemakers are excellent, both the cow cheese and goat cheese farmers. Our favorite bakery, Great Harvest, also shows up to sell their bread. Last year, they had a guy from a local pickle maker there, but I didn’t see him this time. Too bad because those pickles were awesome. The vegetables are usually just okay, but maybe there would be better selection, as I said, if we got there earlier.

    But we haven’t yet adjusted to life with the little one yet. We intended to get out the door at 10 am, but with last-minute feeding, changing diapers, getting the diaper bag together and what not, it was 11 by the time we left. Wit hthe market only open between 9 and 12, it didn’t leave us much time and much of the good stuff was gone. Instead we headed off to a couple of local farmstands where we had a little more luck, but not much more. I think the really good stuff will come in locally toward August. The rains this spring probably set back some of the growing season.

  3. I’ve been doing more specialy cooking lately (in addition to the regular cooking for dinner.) On Saturday I made a crock of Boston baked beans, and by crock I mean the special stoneware beanpot. It really does a difference in the taste. And if you can hold off on the beans until the next day after they’re done cooking, the flavors really do meld well and they taste great. Unfortunately, Melanie told me that because of the beans’ ... physical effects, I’m not allowed to make them too often. Too bad. That’s marriage, I guess.

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  • Hey, thoughts on Superman:
    I’m not always opposed to bad behavior being included in the plot of the movie. If it can serve a good purpose then I think it can work to the moral advantage.

    For instance, while Superman DID have a child out of wedlock he got neither the girl OR the child. Moral of the story: This is not the way to have a family. It doesn’t work out.  What DID bother me was that Lois Lane was not married to live in boyfriend. I can only come up with one answer, that is that the writers did this so as to give hope that maybe she’d leave him and get back with Superman and being married would either give it away (she would stay married) or cause even greater scandal (leaving a marriage). However I think those are weak points and she should have been married to the new guy. Whatever his name is.

    And yes. Kevin Spacey: Great as Lex. There was no point to Parker Posey (except she always plays those parts). I thought she would play a greater role in saving Superman, she sorta did, but not much.  I also thought that SuperSon was going to have a greater role in saving SuperDaddy, but that didn’t happen either. I’m leaning more towards a C+.

  • I didn’t think it was a big deal. It was Perry white throwing out reporter assignments. It made it seem like the editor was a bit of an idiot, it didn’t come across as trying to make Superman politically correct.

    I think some conservatives are on a hair trigger these days.

  • Hey, I came to the comments to say the same thing about Beano.  Just used it last night with some lentil soup. Nary a toot!