A reader writes:

A Catholic friend of mine is getting involved in Urantia.. i found this debunking it: http://www.totse.com/en/religion/the_occult/urantia.html but do you or your readers know Catholic debunkings of it??

To be honest, his email was the first I had ever heard of it, so I’m turning the question over to the readers. Anyone?
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  • This appears to be nothing more than the result of rapt attention to the Evil One.

    First, any “entity” that attempts to divert us from the love of God in Christ Jesus is, if not the Enemy himself, certainly one of his allies (willing or not).  For that is certainly the Evil One’s full-time and only job.

    Second, the reported “miraculous” knowledge of the trance subject (i.e. knowledge beforehand of the questions to be asked), if not explainable by its all being a hoax, is explainable as within the capacity only of angelic beings; remember that(as St. Ignatius has ably pointed out) such communications can come as easily from fallen angels as from members of the celestial court.

    Third, there is the anonymity of these “higher intelligences,” who refuse to give their [plural] names.  Is it not Satan who prefers to live in darkness and detests the light of Truth?  Only Jesus was able to force the Evil One to reveal himself as such; that One does not want to be named!

    Finally, what seems to be the goal of these “higher intelligences”?  Is it not to be worshipped apart from God?  Isn’t that the goal and desire of Lucifer?  That’s one of the temptations that he puts before The Lord after His forty day fast—”  I shall give to you all this power and their glory; for it has been handed over to me, and I may give it to whomever I wish.  All this will be yours, if you worship me.” (Luke 4:6-7)

    This seems to me to be a pretty easy test for Ignatian “Discernment of Spirits”