Update on Talking about Touching

Update on Talking about Touching

Here’s some news about the status of Talking about Touching in Boston.

Archbishop Sean O’Malley has appointed Auxiliary Bishop Richard Malone to form a committee to review the program, a committee that will include opponents and proponents of the program. Eight meetings have been scheduled, although I don’t have information on the dates. The Concerned Catholic School Parents group is contemplating having a meeting soon to gather parents and others who are wary of Talking about Touching to encourage them to opt out of the program in their schools and parish religious education programs when it is fully implemented in the spring.

I’ve also been told (this is thirdhand now) about a priest who approached Archbishop O’Malley about the program last week. He said the archbishop told him that he “wasn’t tied to the program” and “if it is harming kids it will be replaced.” The priest also assured my source that the archbishop is faithful and orthodox, that he is focused on prayer and holiness, and that all will work out for the best. He also said he has no fears that the archbishop is planning to kick open the door to Voice of the Faithful.

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  • Much of the seeming contradictions can be explained if you realize that the archdiocese is rife with politics and factional infighting. These groups are using all their resources to push the archbishop into their corner, and he is trying to stay above the fray and remains control.

    There is a sort of shadow war going on for influence with a new archbishop. Remember that in Massachusetts, politics is a contact sport. And it affects even the Church.