The Uneasy Filmmaker vs. Fan Relationship in Star Trek

The Uneasy Filmmaker vs. Fan Relationship in Star Trek

A thorough (and long) article on the state of Star Trek, how Trek fandom basically created TV/film fandom, the trouble of fan films, and why the new Star Trek films care less about what fans think.

Still, the disconnect between the Trek reboots and the core Trek fanbase was suddenly front and center. “I mean, whether people like [Into Darkness] or not, I have no control over it,” said Pine on the Beyond set. “I don’t write the films, nor do I do the PR for them, nor do I direct them. If that’s how they felt, I don’t, you know” — he laughed — “really care. I think we made a really great film, you know?”

“Tentpole superhero action movies have become the standard fare of Hollywood,” added Quinto. “That’s not going to change, and we’re not going to change it. The studio is more interested in appealing to a broader audience than the comparatively minor subset of rabid Star Trek fans. So I can see where there would be some disparity, where people who have become more accustomed to the cerebral nature of Star Trek would say, ‘Well, this is a real departure.’ That’s the way it goes.”

If you think about it, Star Trek created the idea of the "cinematic universe" before anyone else did with movies and TV shows and animated series and books. But the Marvel and DC universes are facing similar problems of rabid fans wanting fidelity to the source material and the rest of the movie-going public who just wants an interesting movie without needing to have a wiki open on their phone in the theater to figure out what's going on.

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Domenico Bettinelli