Two years of joy

Two years of joy

It’s hard to believe that two years ago today, Melanie and I walked down the aisle of our parish together and entered into God’s holy sacrament of marriage. What a great two years we’ve had.

Oh sure, we’ve had our challenges: debilitating morning sickness, job loss, miscarriage, a cancer scare.

But we’ve had so many more joys, Isabella first and foremost among them. For almost the entire two years we spent nearly every day together 24/7. How much more blessed can you get?

And we’ve still never had a fight. Oh, we’ve been cranky and snippy, but yelling and anger? Naw. Just not in our natures. We’re too easygoing for that. If one of us tried that on the other, the other would probably crack up laughing or just raise a quizzical eyebrow.

Melanie has had a difficult time with getting enough sleep, with the pregnancy and then anxiety over Isabella waking her up. Unfortunately this morning when I was getting dressed for work I woke her just as she finally fell asleep after hours awake so I didn’t want to go back in and kiss her goodbye so instead, I remote-accessed her iBook, opened a TextEdit document, and left a note for her in big 64-point letters: “Happy anniversary Melanie. I love you, Dom.”

No greater love hath a geek than that he hack into your system to tell you he loves you.

Here’s to two wonderful years with the most amazing wife in the world and to a hundred more where I learn to love her ever more each year.

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