Tucson bishop lets pro-abort pols speak in church

Tucson bishop lets pro-abort pols speak in church

An Arizona Catholic group is accusing Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson of failing to prevent pro-abortion politicians from using Catholic churches and other facilities to promote their political campaigns. The Holy Family Society of Tuscon says in March 2005 that pro-abortion governor Janet Napolitano was allowed to campaign on behalf of two pro-abortion Tucson politicians at a Knights of Columbus hall where their pro-abortion views were touted. Kicanas did nothing before or after the event, they allege.

Even after that event, Kicanas allowed Napolitano to even speak from the pulpit of a Catholic church.

Note that this isn’t about whether to give Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians. This is about giving platforms to politicians who use the Catholic church to promote their abortion stances, something that the US bishops collectively said was impermissible. Kicanas won’t even live according to this very weak standard, never mind the stronger standards contained in canon law. The Society says:

“In open departure from official doctrine, Bishop Kicanas has preached that the fight against poverty—not abortion as Pope John Paul II taught—as “first and foremost” among moral duties[9]; honored radical pro-homosexual marriage activists such as Rep. Jim Kolbe with glowing and fond words[10]; spoken against Vatican policy encouraging intervention by public authority in regulating Internet content[11]; and sided with migrants who break the law to gain access into this country against the explicit teaching of the Catechism, which holds that a nation has the sovereign right to set conditions for legal entry.”  [12]

“The bottom line is this” says Copeland, “when you see a thief entering your neighbor’s house and the neighbor being robbed heaps praise upon the thief, you seriously begin to wonder.” 

I think the bit about regulation of Internet content might be a bit of a reach, based on the Vatican document cited and what Kicanas was saying. I think Kicanas’ view is compatible with the Council for Social Communications’ view. I also think that the quote attributed to Kicanas on the immigration issue is also a bit tendentious. But on the other topics, I believe the Holy Family Society has some good points.

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  • I heard Fr. Frank Pavone on Catholic Answers or some such show on EWTN Radio say that this act (letting a pol. speak from the pulpit) does not violate tax code.  Now, letting a certain type of speaker have the pulpit may violate other Catholic canons, but, accoring to the good father, it does not violate tax code.