Travel tip for laptop users

Travel tip for laptop users

By the way, here’s a quick tip for those of you looking to surf the Net while waiting around in airports or other public places. Be very careful what open access points you connect to.

While at Dulles yesterday, I opened my iBook to see what was available and all that came up was a list of other people’s laptops set to receive computer-to-computer connections. I’m sure some of them were accidentally left open (which is another security breach), but others were obviously “honeytraps.” One was called, in capital letters, “FREE INTERNET ACCESS.” Anyone connecting to that with the wrong network security settings enabled would be immediately exposing everything on their computer to some hacker.

I’m not sure how Windows handles this, but on the Mac, you don’t want to connect to anything labeled “Computer-to-Computer Networks” unless you’re absolutely sure that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

You should be running firewall software and have your network privileges locked down too.

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  • I’m not a Windows user, so I can’t help with that. A quick search at some place like on wifi security and network security or firewall should get what you’re looking for.