Topless revue at National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry

Topless revue at National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry

No, really. Check this out. The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry holds an annual gathering for youth ministers. This year, the event is being held in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, home of the Crazy Girls Sexiest Topless Revue, as well as a drag queen show called “An Evening at La Cage,” and Syn City Night Club, whose slogan is “Bring only your temptation.” Nice.

What a recipe for disaster. Think about the hordes of immature youth ministers flocking into Vegas on parish-subsidized trips to the youth ministry convention. (Not all you ministers are immature, of course, but there are enough of them that don’t need the temptations.)

Why Sin City? It’s not just this one hotel; the whole place reeks of debauchery and vice. Is this the best place to have a youth ministry gathering? All it will take is for one youth minister or priest to do something stupid and it will get national media attention, throwing mud on the Church once again. Sheesh, if you must go someplace warm in November/December (isn’t Advent supposed to be a penitential season?), go to Florida or southern California.

Also keep in mind that the NFCYM is no longer affiliated with the US bishops’ conference, but it is still a Catholic organization and subject to ecclesial and moral obedience to the bishops.

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Domenico Bettinelli