Too old to hear it

Too old to hear it

A group of clever teens have taken a sound developed by a British Lab designed to annoy only young hearer and have adapted it as a ringtone that adults can’t hear.

The sound behind this is a tone that falls into the upper range of human hearing, that is supposed to be outside the hearing of anyone over the age of 18, because most people lose the ability to hear in the upper ranges as they age. The sound is in the 17 Khz range while people in my age bracket, 30-39, are supposed to top out at 14. However, both Melanie and I can hear it just fine. I guess I didn’t ruin my hearing using headphones after all.

The point is supposed to be that kids can hear the tone when they get a new text message while in class and the teacher won’t hear it. Hmm, it wouldn’t work on me or on Melanie although I have to say that in a noisy environment or more than a few feet away maybe I wouldn’t hear it.

Anyone else have hearing that’s better than it should be?

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