Too much glee at the death of a president

Too much glee at the death of a president

The British TV channel “Channel 4” is producing a “documentary-style” movie called “Death of a President” in which we are presented with a fictional “History Channel”-style show that looks back on the “assassination” of President Bush ten years on. Of course, the rapid suffers of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) are lapping it up. The Anchoress has a comprehensive post about real attempts on the President’s life, and by that I mean attempts on both Bush and Clinton.

While I can understand why some can find it compelling to imagine “what if” scenarios, I can’t imagine why anyone would find it chuckle-worthy and it is a fair question to ask: would these folks so amused by the idea of a Bush-Snuff-Film be equally flippant or entertained by a film showing Bill Clinton assassinated? Or Hillary? Or Ned? I think not. Although I will stipulate that were such odious films to be made there are some on the right who would disgrace themselves by enjoying it, the bottom line is rational, sane people should not find this topic amusing, no matter who the president. As AJ Strata rightly observed yesterday, Americans may have their doubts about things, but we do not want another assassinated President. Won’t stand for it, actually.

That left me wondering: if Bush were assassinated, would America as a whole react like it did when Kennedy was shot? Would it be as united as when Reagan was shot? Or would we be treated to pundits and bloggers and various assorted moonbats unable to contain their maniacal glee, couching it in terms like, “It’s really a bad thing, but….” How many BDS sufferers would take to the streets, unconsciously re-enacting the ululation of the “Arab street” caught on camera dancing with joy on September 11? I’m afraid of the answer.

Update: The sources I used for this blog post mistakenly attributed the production to the BBC. However, it is being produced by the independent Channel 4.

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  • I saw this yesterday on msn and was reading some of the messages on the message board.  It was appalling how many people said, “What’s the big deal?  It’s just a movie.  Eveyone knows it’s fiction.  Freedom of speech; if you don’t like it don’t see it.”  (Sounds an awful lot like the response to criticism of DVC)